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Meeting of the Board of Trustees

At the May 24, 2022 Meeting of the Board of Trustees...


Recognition of Keri Calvesbert, Religion & Family Life Consultant, and recipient of the 2022 Fr. Angus MacDougall Award for Excellence in Family Life Education

The Board congratulated Keri Calvesbert, Religion & Family Life Consultant, on her achievement of receiving the 2022 Fr. Angus MacDougall Award for Excellence in Family Life Education. Keri is a champion for supporting families in their understanding of Church and she was highlighted as a pillar of grace, strength, and resilience throughout the pandemic.

Catholic Student Leadership Awards

The Board recognized recipients of the Catholic Student Leadership Award. The recipients were congratulated on their talent and demonstrated outstanding qualities in Catholic leadership, family commitment, involvement in school activities and dedication to their faith communities.

Student Trustee Report

Trustees received the Student Trustee Report that included:

“We successfully hosted the Catholic Student Leadership Spring Symposium on Friday May 13th at Holy Trinity Catholic High School.  The symposium went very smoothly and received very positive feedback from attendees.  Students got to meet student council members from other high schools and participated in a day of fun filled activities where they became closer as a group.  We concluded the day with a liturgy lead by Chaplain Ian.

This was our last senate meeting for the year.  It was sad to say goodbye to the members of Student Senate who are not returning next year.  We also reviewed the recent Student Trustee election process and provided positive feedback.

Assumption College School hosted a coffee house on Thursday May 19th which was a success. The school has many talented students and had hosted some amazing performances.  They also presented the Adams Family Musical which was a success with tickets almost selling out every night.  This past week was Spirit Week where students were encouraged to dress according to a different theme each day (eg. Hawaiian shirt day).  Several school trips have taken place in May including a SHSM trip to The Stratford Festival and a STEM trip to Guelph University.  Finally, the school also hosted a glow dance earlier in the month which was a success.

Holy Trinity Catholic High School is hosting a Lemonade house on June 2nd instead of the traditional coffee house.  The school hosted incoming grade 8 students to help them feel more comfortable with the transition to high school in September.  The school has approved prom but not approved a glow dance. The school also facilitated an in-person liturgy for all grades for the first time since COVID started.

St. John’s College School hosted a glow dance on Wednesday May 18th, and it was very successful and students had lots of fun.  The school is hosting a coffee house on June 8th and planning fun activities in the cafeteria for the month of June.  The school also has scheduled a musical called I, Corus.  This week the school is hosting their student/teacher volleyball game.”